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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Steve Harris and his medical information.
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997

In <5tcbva$gea$> Karen Kay <>
>In wrote:
>> Allow me to suggest an alternative interpretation here. There is a
>> point at which reading without glasses becomes impossible. This point
>> is not reached suddenly as you claim, but rather occurs gradually until
>> the blurring drives the individual to seek vision care. It seems to be
>> sudden, but with careful thought most people recognize that over time
>> they accomodated to the changes by moving things further away, turning
>> on more lights, etc.
>Maybe for some people it is a gradual process, but for me it was quite
>sudden. I first noticed this reading in bed--I had to move the book
>further away from me. This change happened suddenly. My eyes continued
>to change in 'jumps'. There may have been gradual changes in between,
>but there were definitely sudden jumps in there, too.

    Look, the maximum accomidation in diopters of people as they age
has been measured by instruments in many a study of aging people (the
Baltimore Longitudinal Aging Study being but the best one).  It doesn't
change linerally, but quite quickly, in the 40's.  I was merely
pointing out that the impression which most of us have of this process,
is in fact the correct one.  Terri can blather all she wants about this
or that might look to happen in the issue of visual accomodation loss
with aging.  I'm telling you what does happen.

                                    Steve Harris, M.D

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