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From: (RunnSwim)
Subject: Re: Very low blood cholesterol level
Date: 30 Nov 1999 01:31:20 GMT

>>I've always had a low blood cholesterol
level just not as low as what it is at the moment.  Problem is that for
the past year or so I can't seem to tolerate the taste of fat anymore,
especially animal fat just makes me want to gag. <<

I don't at all want to freak anyone out about the following, but I do think
that the new onset of fat (especially animal fat) aversion should prompt one to
consider obtaining a medical evaluation.  As I wrote earlier, one of the common
symptoms of cancer is dysgeusia (disordered taste perception), which not
uncommonly manifests itself in fat (expecially animal fat) aversions.  This is
probably the main reason why cancer patients (as well as patients with some
other chronic diseases) develop low blood cholesterol levels.  There are, of
course, other reasons for developing fat aversions.  Those of us wackos who
have been on Pritiken type diets for 20 years or so certainly do tend to have
strong fat aversions (hopefully unaccompanied by cancer or other chronic
diseases).  But I do think that the abrupt onset of an animal fat aversion in
someone on a typical diet may prudently prompt a medical evaluation...just to
be on the safe side.

- Larry Weisenthal

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