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From: "Steve Harris" <>
Subject: Re: excessive dietary protein
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 02:31:59 -0600

"DRCEEPHD" <> wrote in message
> It sure wasn't based on guesswork.  Keep in mind that
> vitalistic/humanistic medicine was legislated out of existence with the
> acceptance of the Flexner report in 1909.  Those individuals who
> continued to pursue that philosophy of medicine and nutrition were
> denied the ability to practice openly, or to publish in so called "peer
> reviewed journals."

Gee, what mythology. The Flexner report merely kept people from getting "MD"
degrees by one year school or (for that matter) mail-order; it had zero
impact on any other kind of health practitioners. For example, chiropractic
was legal in all states at the time of the report, and it remains so now.
You'll have to find some other reason for the failure of other modes of
health care. Generally, persecution of non-MD's has been a state-by-state
thing, with wide variation.

Licensure proceeds in many areas because it's in the interests of a lot of
people. The guy who flies your passenger jet and the guy who designs your
shopping mall both have all kinds of licenses with bells and whistles. I
trust you understand the reason for this, and the fact that it has nothing
to do with the medical monopoly.

I note that naturopaths, probably the closest formal discipline to what you
call Natural Hygiene practitioners, long complained that they were being
persecuted. In the states that finally made Naturopathy formally legal, the
naturopaths have instituted schools and have generally proceeded to legally
persecute people who want to practice naturopathy but haven't graduated from
them. I trust the irony is not lost on you.


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