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From: "Steve Harris" <>
Subject: Re: prilosec and food poisoning?
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 14:16:49 -0600

"Actr123" <> wrote in message
> Has anyone noticed an increased susceptability to food poisoning while
> on Prilosec.  I've seen a few web sites claim that stomach acid is a big
> line of defense against bacteria, and surmise that people on
> acid-reducing drugs are more susceptable to food poisoning.  However, no
> studies have been done. I always get suspicous when people recite a
> theory as if it is fact.  Any body notice this?

It's a good thought for "food poisoning" caused by getting infected with
campylobacter or shigella or whatever, but these gastroenteritis things are
not the classic food poisonings. They last a lot longer and are nastier. One
would not expect Prilosec to have any effect on the classic "pre-formed
enterotoxin" food poisoning of the kind you get from potato salad or rice
dishes left out too long. That's caused by toxins already made by the Staph
or B. Cereus or whatever, and acid doesn't do much to it.

Steve Harris

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