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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: 60% drop in French AIDS deaths!!!
Date: 19 Apr 1997

In <>
(HelthBound) writes:

>Last night's evening news (ABC) reported a 60% drop in AIDS deaths last
>year in France, which means AIDS deaths are declining five times faster
>in France than in the U.S.
>The spin doctors suggested that the reason AIDS is declining more slowly
>in the US is because of large poor populations who can't afford the
>drugs! What nonsense. According to Bob Lederer in POZ, 200,000 Americans
>are taking these new drugs at a cost of tens of millions of dollars. .
>I'd like to know how many French people are on these toxicocktails.

   I dunno, but you can bet that any Frenchman who wants to be on any
of these drugs, is on them.  And at government expense.  The French are
really crazy about taking drugs, and take (on average) far more
medications than Americans do.  A drug happy national medical system
pays for all.

    None of which means that I think that access to these drugs is that
big a problem in today's U.S.   If you can qualify for medicaid, you
can get them.

                                      Steve Harris, M.D.

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