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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: frostbite help!
Date: 21 Mar 1999 10:49:36 GMT

In <> Tom Johnson <> writes:

>Hi... of friend of mine got frostbite on his foot at the first of the
>year. I pulled up some web pages on frostbite. They said that it could
>take anywhere between a few weeks and a few months to determine the
>damage. Since his foot is still hurting and causing him pain, and being
>an eningeer, I came to the conlusion that his blood vesels were damaged,
>probably beyond repair. Is there anyting that can be done, beyond
>reconstructive surgery? Thanks in advance for your feedback...

   Some of the problems in ischemic and cold damaged tissues are caused
secondarily by clotting and edema and immune response system activation
(often inappropriate, unless there is a break in the skin and actual
infection).  This gradually cuts off circulation.  Your friend might
try a non-steroidal such as naprosyn (Aleve) with meals, a tiny amount
of aspirin (a baby aspirin a day) for additional clotting inhibition
(platelets on damaged epithelium cause problems), a good multivitamin,
and some extra vitamin E and C (perhaps 400 IU E and 500 mg C with each
meal) for the next month.  These are hefty doses, particularly of E,
but are unlikely to hurt, and may help.  I'm assuming he has no other
major health problems and isn't on any other meds (if so, he needs to
talk to his doc first).

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