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From: (Steven B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Chronic Pain Advice
Date: 06 Jul 1996

In <4rk6bk$> Della Noche <> writes:

>Ginseng abuse syndrome?   A new one to me - I'll check this out.  The
>taste would prevent me from abusing it but I do feel benefits from teas
>which include it.

The abuse syndrome includes hypertension and acne.  I, too, believe I
detect some "upper" type CNS stimulatory effect from ginseng, not
unlike caffeine, and I use it *occasionally* for that purpose.  You can
get the 10 cc alcohol extractum "Red Panax Ginseng Extract" bottles
imported China (Fusong Pharmaceutical) in the green box, for a pretty
low price, if you know where to look (they are about 20 cents each in
Chinatown in SF; as much as a dollar each is purchased one at a time in
health food stores).  The flavor of the Chinese import extractum grows
on you-- it's a marvelously dark, burnt sort of thing.  Very exotic.

                                      Steve Harris, M.D.

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