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From: ((Steven B. Harris))
Subject: Re: Quitting coffee
Date: 24 May 1995

In <> (TIP Lab) writes:

>In article <3pu4q5$>, (Jeanne F. Leonard)
>> : What are the best ways to quit?  I guess my grave for coffee in
>> : the early day  can be satisfied by a small dose, so i am
>> : planning to go down to one cup a day
>> : and then quit completely in a convenient holiday.
>>      I still can't think of a thing for the drowsiness, it usually takes
>> care of itself after the first week.
>>      That's all I can offer.  It's how I'd do it.  And I'd probably eat a
>> lot of garlic too.
>I go to a holistic doctor. When I told him I couldn't stop coffee in the
>morning, he gave me Guarana to use for morning pick-me-up instead of
>caffeine. As I'm still on caffeine, I haven't used the Guarana yet, but
>others havexpressed to me that it works.

There is 30 mg of caffeine in every 800 mg of guarana, you know.  Did he
forget to tell you that?  Very unholistic not to give the whole picture.

                                         Steve Harris, M.D.

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