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From: ((Steven B. Harris))
Subject: Re: Hydergine info wanted...
Date: 04 Jun 1995

In <> (Marshall Freedland) writes:

>I'd like to hear from people who have taken or prescribed Hydergine.
>As I understand it, Hydergine is the most widely prescribed drug in
>Europe but it is not very popular here in the USA.
>Are there any side-effects and long-term usage dangers?  What's a common
>Any information would be appreciated.
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Hydergine is not the most widely prescribed drug in Europe; it isn't
even close, as Sandoz will be glad to tell you.  This is a myth
generated by Pearson and Shaw.

That said, there are very few side effects from Hydergine, aside from a
mild wired feeling.  Sandoz has done some very long studies (> 10 years)
with it's retired employees routinely randomizing them to the stuff or
placebo, and the stuff seems to be safe.  But it doesn't do great things
either, aside from increasing alertness, a bit like caffeine.  Usual
doses are 3 mg a day.  Europeans sometimes go up to 9.

                                           Steve Harris, M.D.

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