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From: "Steve Harris" <>
Subject: Re: partially hydrogenated oils
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 02:01:36 -0600

"Soren Dayton" <> wrote in message
> (Chris Malcolm) writes:
> > "Steve Harris" <> writes:
> >
> > >The left-right scale isn't the same scale as the totalitarian-anarchy
> > >scale. They are at right angles, somewhat like the complex plane. At
> > >the outer quadrants are anarcholeftists (syndicalists and the like)
> > >and anarcho-rightists (your local religious militia), and on the
> > >other end are various species of government-lovers, commie or
> > >fascisti or Nazi, differing only in whether they see government as
> > >Big Daddy or Big Mamma, and all of them somehow unable to make out
> > >the danger of government as Big Brother. Left/right divisions come
> > >out basically as whether or not you want government to be male or
> > >female, not big or small.
> >
> > I recall reading in a long extinct psychology textbook (Kretch and
> > Crutchfield, I think) that the only physiological measure to have been
> > found to correlate with the political left-right axis was whether in
> > trying to right yourself in an artificially slightly tipped room you
> > favoured visual clues or gravitational (labyrinth) clues.  Anyone know
> > of research references to substantiate or contradict this?
> And what did they do with the fact that the political left-right axis
> is stupid and an artifact of some specific socio-historical phenomena?
> Example: European Green parties.  Certainly not right.  Not quite
> left.  Just different.

Watermellon. Green outside, red inside.  Want nannie government to fix
everything. Afraid of poisoned foods, just like mommie.

> PS: I hate psychology that attempts to find physiological or otherwise
> "inate" bases for transparently cultural phenomena.

Except that most democracies break down into major parties that want
government to be nurturer, vs those that want government to keep the rabble
in line like daddy "So long as I pay the bills here young lady, you'll do as
I say". Forgiveness vs justice.  Mary vs the hairy skygod torturing his kid
on a stick.
You can have your Big Institutions in any parental flavor you like.

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