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From: "Steve Harris" <>
Subject: Re: ? multidextrose = corn sugar?
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 16:23:31 -0700

RbrtElli wrote in message <>...
>hey folk,
>word has it you can buy multidextrose in the home brewery stores.  I
>stopped in one and they didn't have multi-dextreose but they had corn
>sugar - The salesman said... well you know what she said "lets close this
>deal" no actually she said - "oh that must be it"
>Is it?  I'm looking for a slow burning sugar to augment endurance
>training and I assosiated corn anything with corn syrup which would be
>fast burning.

Maltodextrin and starch are absorbed as glucose, and just as
fast. The reason is that it is the glucose absorption that is the
rate-limiting process, not the enzymatic
breakdown of the polysaccharide at the brush border
of your villi, which happens BEFORE you absorb the glucose
which is the result of the breakdown.  In other words, it does
no good for you to eat maltodextrin or starch, because they
are digested to glucose in your gut faster than you can
absorb glucose. You might as well eat glucose.  So far
as your body is concerned, that's what you ARE doing.

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