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From: ((Steven B. Harris))
Subject: Re: Ecstasy.  Anyone hear of this?
Date: 14 Jun 1995

In <3rk296$> (Steve Gibbons) writes:

>Is there any clinical use for this? (MDMA/Extasy)?

Answer: many psychiatrists who tried on their patients seemed to think
so.  Psychiatrists have a great problem with blocked patients
(particularly men) who have a hard time getting in touch with their
feelings.  A number of psychiatrists testified in the mid 1980's that
they made more progress with such patients with one dose of Exstasy,
than with months of psychotherapy.  Having tried the drug myself around
that time, I tend to believe the stories.  It'll turn the most taciturn
man into the most gossipy emotional touchy-feeley Donnahue type you ever
saw.  And all without cognitive impairment or release of negative
emotions, which are the side effects of alcohol.  It's a VERY strange
drug.  I'll bet it scares the living crap out of the establishment.

                                             Steve Harris, M.D.

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