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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Quackbusters, modern day witchhunters -- getting old!!!
Date: 9 Feb 1998 15:06:23 GMT

In <> (BL
1204) writes:
>>You push
>>vaccines, drugs, surgery, and rubbish the anti-vaccine view which is
>>true alternative medicine
>John, just wanted you to know that I read the BEFORE and AFTER vaccine
>description of measles in the textbooks, and thought it was wonderful. I
>have an open mind on this subject, but I think your long descriptive post
>on this was very telling.  I'd like some medical doctor opinions on
>this-- Did measles somehow become more "dangerous" after vaccines were
>developed, or is this just a subtle way to convince everyone to
>vaccinate?  BL

   Measles is usually just a nuisance.  In some people, however, it
causes encephalitis (brain infection) or pneumonia, and can be
extremely debilitating, or fatal.  It's not always possible to tell in
advance who will get these problems.

                                    Steve Harris, M.D.

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