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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: aging and memory
Date: 28 May 1999 07:11:22 GMT

In <01bea7ef$c595be20$a8db0ad0@doc-s> "Immaterial" <>

>> My dear, otherwise healthy 70 year old mother, is losing her memory.
>> She called me last night to ask me something. Thirty minutes later she
>> called again to ask me the exact same question and when I asked her why
>> she was calling again she had no recollection whatsoever that she had
>> just called for the same reason. She insisted there was something wrong
>> with me. Has anyone out there had real bonafide experience with
>> supplementation, either for themselves or an aging parent, where the
>> supplementation actually made a noticeable difference in slowing or
>> stopping this loss of memory in aging people. I know what all the
>> advertisements for all the various products show. I want actual real
>> experience.
>Rosie, I can't cite it right now but I remember reading some rather
>impressive findings from randomized controlled studies of Ginko Biloba
>and cognitive function in Alzheimer's Disease.

    The main thing to do is find out if your mother is taking some
memory-hijacking drug, like Tylenol PM or antihistamines.  Or any of a
number of benzodiazepine sleeping pills, Halcion being by far the

    If not, drugs that raise brain acetylcholine can be help, the best
of which is Aricept.

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