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From: "Steve Harris" <>
Subject: Re: excessive dietary protein
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 21:14:10 -0600

"Jay Tanzman" <> wrote in message
> DRCEEPHD wrote:
> >
> > >Subject: Re: excessive dietary protein
> > >From: "John Coleman"
> >
> > >Harper's says that the typical Western adult male needs 30g-60g of
> > >protein daily to maintain health.
> >
> > Interesting comparison.
> >
> > The Natural Hygiene researchers found that the diet must contain a
> > minimum amount of 15g daily to 35g daily of protein to maintain
> > health.
> Who would these Natural Hygiene "researchers" be?
> -Jay

Mostly early 20th century Germans. The Nazis just loved natural hygiene.
That stuff about Hitler being a vegetarian antivivisectionist is absolutely
true, and it comes from this sort of stuff. Natural hygiene is the idea that
if you just live healthily in Der Sonnenbrille eating the right foods from
your Mutti in die gut Kueche and you go out in Der Lederhosen und you haf ze
good Aryan genes und ze blonde hair, you vill be healthy. No medizin needed.
UND you VILL like it.

And if you not, you're either inferior genetically or you're doing something
wrong, and either way, ve may haf to shoot you.


I know, I know, whatizface's law. But I can never hear of natural hygiene
without seeing images of Hitler Youth girls doing rhythmic exercises with
their hula hoops. Sue me.

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