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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Meno Marketeers - Steve Harris
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997

In <> writes:

>And the Nazis did research into hypothermia on humans. I recall a major
>debate several years ago on 60 Minutes as to whether or not it would be
>ethical to use the results of such research, since some of the records
>still existed. The consensus, the openly expressed one at least, was that
>it was not.

   Yep.  Except that what happened was that the Nazi data got quoted in
other more respectable papers and is now used secondarily.  If you dig
down to the ultimate layer, you find the "primary" sources really
aren't primary, because nobody wants to quote work from Buchenwald.
It's a big embarrassment, because nobody quite knows what to do with
those human hypothermia fibrillation temp tables that could not have
been constructed any other way.

   I've mixed feelings, but I think the information should be used, if
for the good.  The murdered people are dead and nothing will change
that.  The information is there, still capable of being used now to
save lives.  Information is information-- it's neutral once it exists.
It is only use of it which is good or bad.   If you knew there existed
information that your family doctor could use to save the live of
someone you loved, but was deliberately not looking up in the library
for moral reasons, what would you say to your doctor?

   (Besides: "You're fired, buddy--- now, where's my library card...)

                                            Steve Harris, M.D.

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