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From: (Craig Werner)
Subject: Re: Pregnancy Without Intercourse
Date: 18 Jan 1997

Virgin Birth ( wrote:
: In article <5b6eh9$muk$>, (Rajendra Singh) writes:
: >I was reading an article (Ann Landers) in which a woman said that she
: >became pregnant without having intercourse.  This woman claimed that
: What must be the weirdest case of a pregnancy without intercourse
: occurred after a woman had fellatio (oral sex) with her boyfriend.

	The paper: "Oral conception: Fertilization via the gastrointestinal
tract in a woman with aplastic distal vagina" (I may have gotten the subtitle
wrong) appeared about 5 years ago in the British Journal of Obstetrics
and Gynecology.  It is a very British article.  Actually, the woman, girl
actually, was having oral sex with a new partner when her boyfriend
intervened and "a fight with knives ensued" (love that phrase).
	Nine months later she presents with an obviously gravid belly, but
no cervix. The article then goes on to describe the delivery of a healthy
baby by C-section, the early pediatric care, and then "it was at this point
that our curiousity could be contained no further" and goes on to tell
how the story was documented, and some subsequent course.
	I keep this in my "classic" medical articles file.

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