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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Chlorination
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 1997

In <5pansb$> (R Molony) writes:

>wright@nospam.clam (David Wright) wrote:
>>I did read one thing about ozone vs chlorine that bothered me -- the
>>article claimed that chlorine, since it stays in the water, will give
>>you coverage against contamination that might be introduced after the
>>water leaves the treatment plant, but before it gets to your tap.
>>Ozone won't.
>>Does anyone know how much of a problem this is in practice?
>Major major problem half life of ozone in water at 20 C is typically
>about 10 mins. It is even lower in the presence of materials which
>catalytically decompose aqueous ozone.
>In practice ozonation is used to destroy organics and ammonia
>chlorine is then added as a holding charge to ensure continued
>sterility of the water. In this way objectioable chlorophenols and
>halomethanes are not produced in such large quantities

Yep. This is probably the wave of the future.


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