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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: PATCH ADAMS Movie Review
Date: 18 Jan 1999 17:12:46 GMT

In <> phil <> writes:

>Roger A. Bird wrote:
>> Jack/Kathy <> wrote:
>> >An excellent review. "Free" in the Soviet Union translated into ten
>> >million citizen deaths at the hands of socialist thugs. Unfortunately,
>> >too many New Age gurus are really fronts for the same old hacknied,
>> >failed social schemes. Patch should have stayed in the mental
>> >hospital.
>> I see, he is mentally ill because he cares about patients and relates
>> to them as human beings. Now I understand.
>No, most doctors care about their patients and attempt to relate to them
>as human beings (whatever that means). Please try to remember that this
>was just a movie, overacted by Williams in his pursuit of sainthood.

   And folks, if you think the profs really stand up there in medical
school and say they're going to try to train the humanity out of you
and make you DOCTORS--- you really ought to head for the looney bin
yourself for a nice voluntary stay.  Christ.

   Imagine for a moment a police academy movie where the old captain
stands up in front of the recruits and says something like "We're going
to train you into hardbitten homicide detectives that can look at a
slashed naked corpse with tape on its wrists and think about where to
put the baggies.  We're going to squeeze all the caring and love for
purple dinosaurs right out of you, and make you COPS!"  Probably in
that case the audience would realize things had gone a bit over the
top.  But they bought stuff not much better here in this movie.

                                      Steve Harris, M.D.

  "We're going to take you from sniveling little dweebs afraid of
Halloween, and make you into real men who can get into the arteries of
2-day floaters with a little Power Tone and make them look they just
have a slight hangover, and are sleeping it off in Wendover!  Into
veritable machines, I say-- capable of jamming trochars into the
bellies of 5 year-olds squashed by trains, and filling the little tykes
up with formaldehyde!  Ladies and gentlemen, you're one and all going
to lose your mealy-mouthed squeamishness--- and become **Funeral

                               From The Coming Sequel _Gomez Addams_

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