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From: "Steven Belknap, M.D." <>
Subject: Re: Planta Fasciitis-any cures?
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 23:49:45 -0600

1. Don't walk on the hard floor barefoot.
2. He needs to take an extended break from running, perhaps for several
3. Try gel inserts in his shoes.
4. Ibuprofen helps.
5. Gentle stretching of the gastrocnemius by standing about 1 meter
from the wall, leaning against the wall and slowly stretching can help.
6. Magnesium Oxide 800 mg daily will suppress bone turnover at the site
of the insertion of the fascia. Won't hurt, could help, no clinical
7. Some patients benefit from biphosphonate type drugs. Again, not much
in the way of clinical trials available.

He will probably be able to run again, but will need to have shoes
which provide both support and shock absorption. Some of the newer
running shoes have gel, webs, or torsion bars which help to maintain
proper foot position, and absorb the shock of heel strike.

Don't get discouraged, this may take some time.

In article <79vrk1$>, Marianne Eagan
<> wrote:

> My husband has been plagued with Planta Fasciitis on and off for the last
> 7 years. For the past 6 months it has not improved and is bad enough to
> cause him to  limp when he first awakens. He has been to physical therapy
> and been to see a local (Purdue Univ) sports med doctor, and he has
> stopped running, but it still persists. Is there anything anyone knows of
> that may help heel this injury? He loved running, but has basically
> concluded that he will never be able to do so again.
> Please Email me reponses as I don't always have time to read the nwsgrps.
> Thanks.
> Marianne Eagan

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