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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Chronic Fatigue: A polio by another name
Date: 8 Aug 2000 20:34:43 GMT

In <8motur$ruk$> writes:
>In article <8momjc$fpb$>,
> B. Harris) wrote:
>>    Right behind post-traumatic stress disorder, the psych disease of
>> the century.  Hey-- perhaps one will be found to trigger the other...
>And we could call it ADD/HD.

   Nah.  ADD/HD is the OLD "psych disease of the century," subsuming
all others but anxiety and depression.  Now, PTSD is the ultimate psych
disorder, at last the unifying freudian neurosis, subsuming all persons
with CFIDS (chronic fatigue), ADDHD, AND anxiety disorder AND
depression, AND various wastebasket personality disorders and
conversion problems.  It's very convenient one-stop shopping for
doctors and patients alike. It's as good in pediatrics as adult psych
(in pediatrics there's a nice tie-in with child abuse syndromes,
witchhunts, recovered memory stuff. You can't ask for more).

  Treatment is nearly as easy as diagnosis, too. Merely put everyone in
your practice on SSRIs and your favorite kind of speed. Then, dose the
ones this this treatment panics into orbit, with appropriate downers
and antiseizure drugs. They do have PSTD and hypervigilance, you know.
So wire them up and string them down tight, and they're good to go.
You, too, can be a shrink.

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