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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Cassini opponents (was Re: Cassini flyby of Earth)
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997
Newsgroups: sci.astro,sci.astro.amateur,sci.environment,,sci.physics,,

In <61l2er$> (Scott Nudds) writes:

>(Scott Nudds) writes:
>> >  Robotic extraction of coal is quite possible and would immediately
>> >  prevent mining deaths. It is not used at present because industry
>> >  values money more than it values human life.
>(Steven B. Harris) wrote:
>> As do the customers of that industry, which customers surely would not
>> agree to pay the increased price for coal mined at greater safety to
>> miners.
>  How does Harris know since they have never been given the choice?

    I make an inductive leap based on the popularity of American
football and heavyweight boxing.   Not to mention the popularity of
products made in mainland China, often by people who are little more
than slaves.

> And
>how does Harris propose the choice be made inside the current system
>where the consequences of production are absolutely hidden?

   I don't.  I'm saying it wouldn't matter if they weren't.  Chinese
products again.

>(Steven B. Harris) wrote:
>> Seems to me the government has no more business saying what risks coals
>> miners can take than what stunt men or people who hang glide can take.
>  Seems to me that Harris is looking for ways to justify or ignore the
>way his favorite economic system murders its population.

    Nope.  I'm simply pointing out inconsistancies.  Part of being an
adult is the freedom to take risks with your life.  If you can be a
stuntman or  skydive or cavedive for a living without me interfering,
why can't you mine coal?  It's not as romantic, but is there otherwise
ethically and morally any difference?  I'm quite serious.

   Here's a thought for you:  10% of US presidents have been murdered
over an average term of only about 5 years in office, making it
statistically the most dangerous job on Earth-- far more dangerous than
being an astronaut or coal miner.  Should we outlaw it?

                                     Steve Harris, M.D.

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