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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: reward for naming fluoride safety study
Date: 10 Sep 1998 10:50:15 GMT

In <> Gordon Held <>

>Steven B. Harris wrote
>> Hillary Clinton and Al Gore probably both think they have a fine sense
>> of humor.  But the only thing both illustrate is that, while a sense of
>> humor is often associated with intelligence, the association isn't
>> perfect.  Hillary and Al are both very intelligent.
>>                                          Steve Harris
>Steve.  You usually are very good about posting references for your
>Can you cite any for the above?

   Gosh, no.  Never have I heard either person say or do anything which
indicates they have a sense of humor.  I know someone who has known
Hillary for years, and he says she has no sense of humor.  But it's

   If you have any examples of good jokes told by Hillary, we're all
ears.  I do know that at an Al Gore roast he recently nixed most of the
jokes.  Said they weren't funny.  Particularly didn't like the one
about his having a pole up his rear.  Thereby confirming it was pretty
much on the mark.  And (come to think of it) not funny therefore at
all.  Kind of a paradox there, on the order of Russell's paradox about
who shaves the barber who only shaves the men who don't shave

                                           Steve Harris

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