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From: B. Harris)
Newsgroups: talk.politics.medicine,
Subject: Re: Doctor-bashing
Date: 14 Mar 1999 16:43:37 GMT

In <> Terri <> writes:

>Not at all. Why do you persist in seeing things in this ":take no
>prisoners" manner? There are few elderly women who will discuss sexual
>matters at all. Many young women are equally reluctant but I think there
>are fewer of them. It seems rather a peculiar practice to assume that
>women of all generations are speaking from the same social context. Most
>of us (baby boomers in our 40's and early 50's) find that our mothers are
>reluctant to even mention the word menopause and most of have found that
>it takes a lot of digging to get even the smallest most innocent detail
>about anything concerned with sexual functioning from them. I somehow
>think that a male doctor is not likely to be more successful.

    You might somehow think that, but you'd be wrong.  There is far
less inhibition in older women in talking to their boomer-age doctors
about sex than there is in younger women, who may be inhibited by
secondary social interactions.  Just as your mother and family members
have been with you.  Women of the boomer's mother's generation view
doctors quite differently, and will talk to the doctor, as to the
priest, freely about anything at all.  Remember, I do this for a
living.  You don't.

                                         Steve Harris, M.D.

From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: New Scientist Article - Testosterone and porn...
Date: 31 Aug 1998 09:04:59 GMT

In <> Tom Matthews <> writes:

>Dr Tom Osborn wrote:
>> Talk about a hot magic bullet!
>> An report on page 11 of New Scientist for August 22, 1998 lists
>> an Austrian study by Astrid Jutte and colleagues where blood
>> testosterone levels were measured before and after 15 minutes
>> of viewing pornographic films (details not supplied) (one
>> reading before and three after).
>> The finding was a surge in testosterone levels for both males
>> and females - median increase for males 100%, median for females
>> was 80%.
>> This may be cheaper, healthier and more effective than DHEA,
>> pregnenolone, etc, etc for those seeking an boost to aid
>> libido, power training, etc, etc.
>I'm going to suggest this to the Life Extension Foundation as their next
>major product release! I'm especially keen since I get a significant
>discount on all my purchases from them. ;-)

   On the face of it, I'm skeptical about such a finding.  It's not as
though hormone levels haven't been tested a zillion times for a zillion
activities.  During actual sexual intercourse, for instance, the only
hormone known to change is prolactin, and then only if orgasm occurs.
People have looked for testosterone changes due to sex and have NOT
been able to find any.

   Now we're supposed to believe testosterone levels double by just
*looking* at dirty pictures?  Go on.  I KNOW MY physiology in general
is revved better by the real thing than by the empty images.  If my
gonads somehow aren't, and even do less well, I'm going to be mighty

                                      Steve Harris, M.D.

From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Sexual Disorder
Date: 17 Apr 1998 21:15:29 GMT

In <> (Dooper) writes:

> There can be nothing more
>boring and frustrating for a woman to suffer a partner who just
>jackhammers away like a road drill and expects her to writhe in

There once was a gal from Mobile
Whose crotch was made of blue steel
She picked up her thrills
From pneumatic drills
And a rotating emory wheel

> Anyway,i can only really speak from the male perspective though i
>await further female input with interest on this age old subject.

   Hah!  If you're awaiting female *input* we may have located your
problem.  You're doing it all wrong...

                                        Ruth Westheimer

From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: New Subscriber with a BIG Question
Date: 5 Sep 1998 19:41:11 GMT

In <> Catherine Jamieson <>

>> Steve wrote: Cinque, it's just a smart woman. They tend to get acused
>> of being men. As some French female feminist said (and I'm glad it
>> wasn't me that said it).
>Simone de Beauvoir. She also wrote (ironic in light of this
>conversation)... "One is not born a woman. One becomes a woman." All that
>lollying about with Sartre clearly affected her intellect. :)

   No lollying about; she had "other" things to thing about. :)  And
it's true one is not born a women.  First there's puberty.

                                        Steve Harris, M.D.


Obstetrician to Michael Jackson: "Well, your wife and child are doing
Michael:  "How soon can we have sex?"
Obsetrician: "Well, I'd wait at least until it's walking."


From: ((Steven B. Harris))
Date: 26 May 1995

In <> (Paul Iannone) writes:

>If you are looking for reasons for my practice, try that I was --very--
>impressed twenty years ago by the sophistication of Tai ji quan and
>very unimpressed by the steroids used on my childhood rashes.

Comment: well, I'd hoped it wasn't because of that teacher of yours who
claimed to be able to smell mentruating woman after going 7 days without
water.  I spent some headscratching time, actually, wondering if he just
decided he could, or if some empirical verification was practiced.  As
in [Best Kwi Chang Kane in the desert immitation] "Mam, exthusth me for
the thwollen tongth, but I have had no water for theventh daths, and I
wath wonderinth if I could asthk you a perthonal quethtion for my

                                       Steve Harris, M.D.

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