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From: (Steven B. Harris )
Subject: Re: Getting a sliver out
Date: 19 Jul 1995

In <none-1807951232010001@> (Drofa) writes:

>Anyone know any tricks to finding and removing slivers? This one is
>somewhere in the fleshy part of the base of the thumb. I can't see it,
>but the "patient" insists it's there. He's dug down through all the
>layers of skin and appears to be at the muscle, but we still can't see
>anything like a sliver (lots of other gunk). It's been there for about
>ten days and yesterday the thumb was very sore and slightly swollen.
>We've tried soaking in epsom salts, leaving aloe vera on it all day,
>betadine (like iodine to try and dye the sliver), needles, even a
>scalpel, magnifying glass with light, etc.
>My advice now is to leave it alone and see if it works itself out. But
>this "patient" won't. So, before he mutilates himself forever, any other

It is said that there are no minor surgeries, but there are many minor
surgeons.  This sounds like one of those times to go to the real thing
(a hand surgeon) and have an office procedure done.  Also, it's time to
start the oral antibiotics (Diclox or Augmentin) and the LONG hot
soaks, or you're going to have a person shortly in the hospital on IV's
with the very same hand surgeon doing the debridement for a nasty

Don't delay on this.  Preventive medicine is sort of like deflecting an
asteroid strike.   Many days from the crisis it takes but a tap.
Further in, not even the medical equivalent of atom bombs will save

                                            Steve Harris, M.D.

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