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From: (RunnSwim)
Subject: Re: Post-Workout Carbohydrate Selection
Date: 12 Jul 1998 02:18:00 GMT

>>of course, some people might not want to replace the glco right away -
like dieters.<<

Actually, dieters are the people who MOST need to replace the glycogen
right away.  Glycogen depletion is a powerful stimulus for hunger.  You will
feel hungry until the glycogen is repleted.  This is one of the reasons
why swimming is not a particularly effective exercise for weight loss
in many people.  It is (relative to running and cycling) a predominately
sugar burning exercise (running and cycling burn more fat) and the
swimmer emerges from his/her workout severely glycogen depleted.
What the athlete should do is to immediately replete the lost glycogen
with a very high carb/very low fat snack.  Too often, athletes eat
something like a cheese pizza or a cheeseburger and they will keep
eating these until glycogen stores are repleted - and take in tons of
unnecessary fat calories in the process - fat which does nothing to
replete the depleted glycogen stores, which are the stimulus for the
apetite in the first place.

For example:

Raben, A., et al.  Determinants of post prandial appetite sensations:
macronutrient intake and glucose metabolism. International Journal
of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders.  20:161-169, '96

There are also some elegant studies in which carb/fat proportions are
covertly adjusted in research subjects following exercise.  When
they eat high carb/low fat post-workout snacks, there are fewer post-exercise
calories taken in than was burned up by the exercise.  However, when
higher fat snacks were eaten, the amount of post-workout calories taken
in EXCEEDED the extra calories burned by the workout.

- Larry Weisenthal

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