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From: ((Steven B. Harris))
Subject: Re: Side effects of using Tetracycline ?
Date: 28 Apr 1995

In <3no51l$> Andy <>

>I have seen that there have been complaints about using tetracycline,
>but no-one has actually said what the effects are. Is there anyone
>who can tell me if prolonged use of tetracycline is damaging/not
>recommended, and if so why not? I have been using it for some years
>to treat acne but would now like to try an alternative. I would be
>pleased for any information on the subject.

There will always be the odd person who gets liver toxicity with
tetracycline, but it's not a slow or cumulative thing, and if you had
it, you'd know it.  Likewise with the allergies, photosensitivity.  Some
young women get a peculiar brain edema called pseudotumor cerebri with
minocycline, but that's probably partly a hormonal effect, and goes away
when the drug is stopped.  I think the main problem with tetracycline is
that holistic types cannot prescribe it, and therefore have decided that
it, like other antibiotics, is the worst thing since thalidomide.

   Most people find tetracycline impossible to take correctly by the
way, since it must be done 3 or 4 times a day on a perfectly empty
stomach (very difficult for most people).  Doxycyline works as well, and
is much easier to live with (twice a day or once a day, and can be taken
with food).

                                              Steve Harris, M.D.

From: ((Steven B. Harris))
Subject: Re: Side effects of using Tetracycline ?
Date: 01 May 1995

In <> (Haoma) writes:

>Tetracycline kills off all intestinal bacteria.  That means that the
>beneficial bacteria which produce b vitamins and help to keep
>putrefactive bacteria under control, are killed off.  When you stop
>using the tetracycline, your intestines are very vulnerable to being
>overrun by putrefactive bacteria. This can cause many problems such as
>candida overgrowth, and all sorts of intestinal disease. It also can
>cause a b vitamin deficiency.

   Hogwash!  Most of the bacteria in your colon are anaerobes, and are
not affected by tetracycline.  The ones that are quickly develop
resistance if you use it chronically, and your intestinal flora comes
back to much the way it was.  Women can kill enough friendly flora in
the vagina to develop candida, but it's generally a minor problem which
is also self-correcting over the long term.  You don't get significant
B vitamins from bacteria in your colon, or anywhere else in your gut--
the reason we call these things vitamins is that they are essential and
have to be eaten.  Antibiotics do NOT cause vitamin deficiency! (they
can change effective vitamin K production, but that's a technical
matter, and one that only people on certain anticoagulants must worry

   As for "putrefactive" bacteria growing in your colon-- that's
basically the only kind there are in there!  I suppose you are going to
claim that your, ah, &*%$ don't stink?

                                        Vulgarly Yours,

                                        Steven B. Harris, M.D.

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