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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Toenail Bruise!
Date: 18 May 1997

In <5lnoao$> (Layna Ayre Andersen)

>OK, so I stubbed my toe really badly, and now I've got an ugly bruise
>under the nail - not very painful, but looks like hell.  Do I need to see
>a doctor to resolve this, or will it go away by itself like a normal
>bruise?  Is it OK to paint my nails to hide the unsightlyness?

It'll go away by itself.  Don't waste time and money on a doctor.  If
the toe starts to hurt, you may have a collection of blood under the
nail, and then a doctor can drain it for you.  Or you can do it
yourself with a suitable drill or hot needle (this takes some
confidence, and probably should be done by somebody who's done it
before, however).  In any case, so long as you don't have pain, you
don't have to worry about that.

                                      Steve Harris,  M.D.

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