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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Taking Lieb of Your Senses (was: Craddock replies to Harris)
Date: 14 Feb 1997

In <5e2cmf$> (Edward Lieb) writes:
>In the past two decades I have seen recovery after recovery from
>cancer, AIDS, and other so-called "incurable" conditions
>including the common cold, using a simple non-toxic, non-drug,
>non-medical method of boosting the immune system called
>lymphosizing or rebounding.
>In fact, the only time it doesn't work is when someone doesn't
>give it a try.  100% of the people I know who tried this since
>the early 80's are alive and healthy today.  Everyone I know who
>was going to AIDS and HIV "experts" during the 80's is dead today
>-- 100%.  You don't have be a statistical genius to draw a
>conclusion from this.
>Edward Lieb
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>       _`\ <,_
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>What if everything that you thought you knew about AIDS was

Comment:  Actually, you don't have to be any kind of genius to
understand that you're not going to cure your cancer or AIDS or
other "incurable" disease by bouncing on a little trampoline.
Even if the trampoline salesman swears up and down and up and
down and up and down that he's had 100% success with it.

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What if Ed Lieb told you he could fly?

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