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From: ((Steven B. Harris))
Subject: Re: help w/ odor control from massive tumor
Date: 15 Apr 1995

In <> (Louise Story) writes:

>anyone have any suggestions for ways to decrease or eliminate odor from
>football sized malign. tumor.  Pt is becoming very isolated because no
>one can tolerate being aroung her because of the odor.
> * Origin: Medical System Munich - med

Answer: fetid odors from tumors are mostly biogenic long chain amines,
which means they can be neutralized to non-smelly salts by weak acids.
Classically buttermilk poulices have been used for this (lactic acid),
but full strength vinegar-soaked compresses seem to work as well.  Good
luck, and don't forget the pain control.

                                         Steve Harris, M.D.

From: (Steven B. Harris )
Date: 07 Sep 1995

In <Pine.OSF.3.91.950906141717.20591B-100000@goofy.zdv.Uni-Mainz.DE>
Alfred Goldinger <goldinge@goofy.zdv.Uni-Mainz.DE> writes:

>Are there any alternatives (liquids) for chlorophylline
>as an effective deodorant in case of tumurous wound
>Alfred Goldinger
>Hospital Pharmacy
>University of Mainz

Yes, you can use 5% acetic acid.  Most of these bad smells are due to
long chain amines from necrotic tissue-- the same putrescene and
cadaverine that make corpses smell.  Acids put these amines into
solution as salts.  The traditional cure of such odors was buttermilk
dressings, and here the acid was the lactic acid of sour milk.

                                         Steve Harris, M.D.

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