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From: (Steven B. Harris )
Subject: RE: Hypertrichosis
Date: 30 Jul 1995

In <3vgcjm$> (MaxCord) writes:

>For over ten years I've suffered from abnormal hair growth outside the
>nasal passages.  The condition was diagnosed as an occlusion in the hard
>palate by a UCLA specialist; no cure or treatment was suggested.  The
>symptoms are obvious enough.  Hairs of all lengths and sizes come down
>through the gumlines--much to my discomfort.  I can temporarily relieve
>the situation with extensive brushing, but more hair soon replaces what
>was there before.
>    Does anyone know of alternative medicine that might help this
>condition? Are there any vitamins or herbs that can restore hormonal
>balance, should that be a factor?  I've tried Chinese herbal medicine but
>to no avail.
>     Thank you for any suggestions.

It's fairly easy for cosmetologists or dematologists to electrocute
hair folicles one by one where you don't want them.  This is permanent.
 Why not just do that?

                                        Steve Harris, M.D.

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