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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Quackwatch and Chiropractic
Date: 7 Jun 1998 03:41:38 GMT

In <> "A. Silva" <>

>> > May be the key point is to learn to appropiatelly select the appropiate
>> > patients for each type of therapy, or combinations of therapies, so
>> > maximum clinical effectiveness is achieved.
>> I agree completely.  Both my chiropractor and my family practitioner
>> (MD) know their limits and respect each others' skills.  Both have
>> counseled me to get better shoes, exercise more, and sit up straight.
>> My DC also told me to stop carrying my wallet in my right back pocket
>> because it was causing my lower back to go out of alignment, throwing
>> the whole spine out of whack.  That simple insight changed my life for
>> the better.
>That's familiarly (not scientifically) called "wallitis". When siting on
>your wallet the pelvis is kept tilted, throwing the center of gravity
>off to one side. This has two inmediate effects: altered weight bearing
>on the lumbar spine, and a compensatory muscular hiperactivity. If this
>situation is kept long enough, muscle strain and pain develops.

   We doctors have long had a cure for this condition, however.  If
sufficient cash is removed from the wallet, the thickness decreases to
the point that sitting on it causes much less local pressure and

   Never say we haven't been enlightened on this point as long as
anyone.  Chiropractors included.

                                     Steve Harris, M.D.

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