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From: B. Harris)
Subject: Re: Breakfast Health Shake Recipe
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997

In <60s9pt$> (Joan Livingston
Attorney at Law) writes:

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>(Sylvia51) writes:
>>For those who have a bad reaction to soy products, I think you could use skim
>> milk and possibly whey protein powder. I have heard whey is one of the best
>> proteins. I'm pretty sure Steve knows about the benefits of whey also. I
>> hope he reads this and responds.
>	Whey is no better or worse than the liquid if comes from when the
>curds are skimmed off. And it is the kiss of death to those who are
>lactose intolerant.
>Joan L.

   Commercial whey protein can come with lactose or not.  The cheap
bulk stuff, often referred to as powdered whey, is from evaporate, and
is something like 2/3rds lactose.  But isolated whey protein, the
expensive "whey protein" in plastic containers in health food stores,
is quite pure, and lactose-free.

    And yes, that protein is the protein in the the liquid that comes
from the curds.  But that's good stuff.  The proteins in whey have
unusual immunostimulant properties due to high sulfur amino acid
content.  They also happen to be the most efficient proteins known for
growth, gram for gram.  Not that I think the last necessarily counts
for that much.

                                        Steve Harris, M.D.

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