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From: Robert Bastow <"teenut"@>
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
Subject: Re: Buying a vise
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 05:38:18 GMT

VERY Nice!!

About as Simple, Powerful and Effective as you can get!!

Mine is a simple split block 6" x 6" x 2" with a 2" hole bored through the joint take custom made , turned bushings, I make on the lathe to fit
individual barrels.  I split the bushings through on one side..and almost
through on the other.  A sprinkle of rosin and I have never had one slip or mark
a barrel.

The two halves of the vise a re pulled tight with 3/4" fine thread High tensile
bolts on which I milled collared hexagonal heads to fit a large 3/4" drive
socket and a cheater bar..Lottsa Ooompfff!

I tried several arrangements of receiver wrench..never could get a handle to
stay on one for long!!

Then I (Literally) hit on my present arrangement..

The wrench is two, custom machined blocks, each 1 3/4" square x 6" long, bolted
tightly together like the vise.  No handle at all!

I just give it an ALMIGHTY smack with a BIG, BFH..a 7 pounder!!

Never damaged a barrel or a receiver..and NEVER had one fail to bust loose FIRST
Crack!!  I don,t care if it is a factory Mauser or an Eddystone model 1917.  No
fuss, no damage, no problem.  Indeed, some spin all the way off with the first

Now, if you imagine I am going to write in to some Gunsmiths's List, or Gun
Magazine, with THAT little are dreaming!

That Trade has incestuously fed itself on the same tired old myths, and half
truths for over a hundred years.  If an upstart like me, came up with a
definitive answer to one of the most frequent problems..too many oxes would be
gored..Indeed, some gun writers would have to retire!! Getting barrels off, like
passing through Puberty, is SUPPOSED to be difficult!

Only HALF-Kidding of course ;^)


Jack Erbes wrote:

> Hey Robert,
> Here is a photo of my home made "sweetheart", what is yours like?
> --
> Jack in Sonoma, CA, USA (

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