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Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
Subject: Re: Etching Brass
From: (Ole-Hjalmar Kristensen)
Date: 11 Oct 93 11:34:41

Don't know about brass, but for etching copper printed circuit boards,
I used to used a mix of 1 part concentrated HCl, 1 part hydrogen
peroxide (30 %) and 2 parts of water. Start with the water and mix in
the two other ingredients. The amount of HCl and peroxide is from
memory. If the mix starts to cook off, use more water. Use a face
shield when mixing, and watch your fingers.  On copper, it will do the
work in minutes.  Do this outside or in a fume hood, and discard the
solution after use.

Ole-Hj. Kristensen

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