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From: (Doug White)
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
Subject: Re: Dremel or Foredom?
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 16:45:13 GMT

In article <3696e685.579839@nntp.netcruiser>, wrote:
>On 5 Jan 1999 07:27:51 GMT, The Hurdy Gurdy Man
><> wrote:
>>I think the subject says it all.  Which one do you prefer, Dremel or
>>Foredom (or some other brand of small electrical motor into which a
>>variety of bits can be inserted to accomplish any of a bazillion tasks)
>>and why?
>I use both!  They are really 2 different tools  -  The
>Dremel is a high speed die grinder which simply can't be
>slowed down enough for certain types of work in plastic.
>Also the thin handpiece and tthe right angle handpiece have
>it all over the dremel for close in work in tight corners!

I use the Dremel all the time on plastic.  The secret is to get a FIXED
speed Dremel & get their foot pedal speed control.  The foot pedal
doesn't work well with the variable speed Dremels, the electronics tend
to argue with one another.  I can run my Dremel at about 1 RPM with this
setup.  One minor problem is that Dremel no longer makes a ball-bearing
fixed speed model.  They only put the ball-berings in the 'high-end'
models, and they insist on putting the variable speed system in with
them.  If mine ever dies, I'm going to either have to live with sleeve
bearings or bypass the speed control on a BB unit.

Doug White

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