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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: Glass Blowers
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 03:30:19 EST

Man from a planet wrote:
> >  It might help to give you advice if you had taken the time to give a more
> > detailed description of what you wanted AND where you are located. Don't
> > blame the group for not helping when you fail to supply pertinent data or
> > supply misleading data.  Go to your local library. Look in your phone book
> > (assuming you have one) for glass studios... there must be at least ONE in
> > SA.  Go to your local book store and find or order a book on glass
> blowing.
> > We aren't here to do your legwork for you, nor can we. After you do some
> > research and you have a SPECIFIC question on the craft, come back and I'm
> > sure you'll get a more satisfying response.
> I did not blame the group !  If you have a problem with the way I give
> information...why did you respond in the first time,  waisting your
> precious time.....miss propably had some difficulties
> in your you struggle to help others

Suggest you stow the attitude, "Man".  A little tip:  There are many
of us who will not respond to someone who doesn't sign his real
name.  I figure that if you don't identify yourself, you're just
here to cherry pick information and won't contribute to the
community.  Can the handle, stow the attitude, ask your questions
and you'll get some cooperation.

to learn about glass blowing, go to and search for books
about "glass blowing".  There are several.  Second, go to and buy Harry's book, "Glass Notes".


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