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From: (Alan Frisbie)
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
Subject: Re: Welding garb
Date: 25 Feb 96 17:40:55 PST

In article <>, writes:

> Speaking of gloves, what do you guys use for hot pickups these days?
> I have a very old and decrepit pair of asbestos (horrors!) lined
> gloves that I've used for years to handle hot metal, but they're 
> totally shot, and replacements are totally unobtainable. What new 
> wonder materials are available, and where?

Call Conney Safety Products at 800-356-9100 (voice) or
800-845-9095 (FAX) and ask for their catalog.   It has
every kind of safety gear you could ask for.   Their
selection is vast and their service is excellent.

Their catalog has 26(!) pages of nothing but gloves.   There
are two pages of temperature resistant gloves, ranging from
terrycloth (good for 300 degrees F) to Zetex-Plus (good for
2000(!) degrees F).   A photo shows a piece of orange-hot pipe
on one of these gloves.

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