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Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
Subject: Re: H2O2 welder
From: John De Armond
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 93 06:32:37 GMT (Neil R. Marsh) writes:

>        As I understand it, hydrogen is a real SOB to store; atoms are
>so small they sneak through seals, threads, and such.  The only way to
>make it stay put is to bind it with some other element, like oxygen,
>and that brings us right back to water.

Not really.  Even though the hydrogen atom is the smallest, that it 
is diatomic means the molecule is too large to diffuse to any
great degree.  Now helium, that's another matter.  At my welding
supply store we DID have to watch the shelf-life of our helium
cylinders in order to minimize diffusion loss.

The reason one would want to use a H/O generator is simple.  The
machine capable of running a jewelry-sized torch is scarcely larger
than a small toolbox and is easily carried in one hand.  With the
machine, one does not have to lug a couple of cylinders around,
doesn't have to buy or lease them, doesn't have to hassle with 
driving to the welding store for refills and there is no worry of
running out in the middle of a job.


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