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Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
From: (Russ Kepler)
Subject: Re: CRS mailorder sources
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 17:32:53 GMT

In article <>,
frank kerfoot  <> wrote:
>in NJ). My 1992 IPS catalog has what I need, but I expect the prices
>have changed a bit. I've ordered from Nolan before, but I can't find a
>price sheet. Any thoughts?

When I had to make the same decision I just went to a local steel
supplier and bought a stick of 12L14 in each of the sizes I could get
in round and hex.  Cut them in half at the supplier and headed home,
got out for well less than $100.  On the occasion that I need
something bigger around than 1" I order it in close to the length
that I'll be using, no sense in buying 21' of 3" round when I might
use a foot in a year.

On the type of alloy to buy: when you're buying for stock there's no
point in getting something that's harder to machine than 12L14 as
you're going to pay pretty much the same for both (a quick check
showed maybe 6% more for 12L14).  If you can't find 12L14 you might
consider replacing it with 1144 (otherwise known as LaSalle
StressProof) as it machines or 11L17, both of these machine about as
nicely as 12L14 (in my shop) but are a lot more pricey than 12L14.

Remember: if you're going to weld to it you can't use a leaded or
resulphurized steel.

Russ Kepler                                    

                      Please Don't Feed the Engineers

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