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From: "J. Kimberlin" <>
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
Subject: Re: precision assembly oil .. ?
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 20:20:36 -0800

Grant Erwin wrote:
> Years ago I used to work in a motorcycle shop. The guys there, when doing an
> engine rebuild, used a pink-red oil or grease during assembly.

It is called Assembly Lube and can be obtained from any good auto
parts store.  Red Line is a good brand but there are others.  Try
a NAPA auto parts place.

Assembly lube is soluable in ordinary oil and is formulated to be
displaced by ordinary lube oil.  It is not supposed to be used as
a permanent lubricant.  It is usually red and normally a paste at
ordinary temperatures.  I'd guess it would all melt at around 70
deg F.

> Corollary question: does anyone know where to get Chevron SRI grease?

My Chevron SalesFax book says to look in the Yellow Pages for the
local Chevron Jobber in your area.  I'm not sure Chevron still
has an office in Seattle, but they used to at 1301 5th Avenue in
the Rainier Bank Tower.  You might check and see
if they list anything.  In my experience (although I retired from
Chevron), I have found the Lubriplate brand of grease superior to
about anything I've ever tried.  Totally water resistant and
pretty much hydrocarbon resistant too.  Hard to clean off except
with a rag.  You can get Lubriplate at some bearing supply
houses, but not all.  Can't say who might have it in Kirkland.


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