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Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
Subject: "Materials Handbook" -- Highly recommended
From: (Alan Frisbie)
Date: 27 Oct 94 10:25:44 PST

The local college was having a fund-raiser, including a
sale of library discards.   The (yes, only one -- I'm
getting better self-control) book I bought is a real gem:

"Materials Handbook" by George S. Brady (McGraw-Hill Book Co.)

The title page says, "An encyclopedia for purchasing managers, 
engineers, executives, and foremen".   Essentially, it
gives an "executive summary" of virtually every material
that is valuable in commerce.   For instance, there is
a two-page entry for "Die Steels".

I had heard good things about this book, but nothing
prepared me for actually reading it.   It is *not* aimed
at the scientist or engineer.   It is aimed at the person
who needs to quickly understand the important characteristics
and economics of industrial materials without involvement
in details.

I have spent the last three evenings simply reading about
such varied materials as tool steel, cotton, phosphor bronze,
pepper, cutting oils, and lampblack.   If you work with
varied materials, or simply enjoy knowledge for its own
sake, you should try to find a copy of this book.   I don't
know what a current edition costs (mine is dated 1971),
but you might find an older one at a used book store.

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