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Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
From: Dan Clingman <>
Subject: Re: Flexible Metal w/ Memory
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 17:52:19 GMT

I spent the last 4 years professionally developing (Nickel, Titanium,
Navel ordnance lab) NiTinol actuators.   Real interesting stuff. On a
ft*lb/lb weight it has amazingly high energy density, 1000 time a
electric motor.  Power efficiency on the other had is horrible.

This company has a good selection of NiTinol produces and a fairly good
description of the material.   One note:  Don't believe everything you
read about NiTinol much of the published stuff is just plain wrong.

The medical and dental industry is a big user or the material in what is
called super elastic form.  In this form it is a super spring which can
deform with 8% strain.  My eye glasses frame are made from the stuff and
are by far the best frames I have ever had.  They survived intact 2
years of constant abuse by two under 3 year old girls.

Obligatory metal working content:  ITN Energy system makes a work
holding fixture for Jordinson(sp) that uses a NiTinol actuated clamp to
hold palletized machine parts.  It replaces hydraulic clamps. Last I
heard it is selling well.

Dan Clingman

Ted Edwards wrote:

> Tom Kulaga wrote:
> > >
> > The kit mentioned above has 3 different wire sizes, each 1 meter long.
> Thanks for the info.  Sounds like fun stuff.  Now I gota think up a
> project for it. ;-)
> Ted

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