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From: Robert Bastow <>
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
Subject: Re: ..woodcutting with a mill?
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 11:17:08 -0400

As a further aside...NEVER machine Oak on any machine tool you value.  The
tannic acid in the chips will blacken every exposed surface in a heartbeat!!

If you are tempted to make an oak tool box..a la Gerstner etc...DO make sure you
thoroughly seal the INSIDE as well as the outside surfaces.


Kevin Pinkerton wrote:

> On Tue, 03 Aug 1999 15:01:27 GMT, (Jim Waggener)
> wrote:
> >I have a project where I need to cut a handle out of ebony.
> >I can rough cut the shape but would like to do the finishing on a
> >small mill. Can someone suggest what end mill would be best
> >to use on ebony?
> As a side note. I have been warned that you need to make sure you
> clean up all the wood chips/dust real well after turning/milling wood
> on metalworking equipment. The wood tends to collect condensation and
> can be a source of extra rust.

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