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From: Robert Bastow <>
Subject: Re: Tiny belts
Date: 08 Oct 1998
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking

Ian Bee wrote:

> Yeah......I make special effects stuff, and I use the O Ring Splicing
> Kit from R S Componenets here in Australia, although I beleieve that
> they are an International Company.
> Cinch to use, just cut the desired length of O ring material, drop it
> into a jig & glue, sets in seconds, and is unbeleivably hard to break, I
> kid you not.
> Our stuff has run for years on these of luck!!!!!!!!
> Ian

Hi Ian,An excellent suggestion!You can get a similar and even stronger
effect with round (or even vee section) polyurethane belting.

Available at any belting suppliers, it comes in sections right down to 1/16th
(or maybe less) Buy it by the foot.

It is joined by heating and butt welding.  In a pinch put an old knife blade
in the vice, heat it to the point where th P-U just starts to "Slide"
Gently press the two end to each side of the blade and when they soften
quickly remove and press together until they cool.  Remove flash with a sharp
blade or on a grinder is better. Do not over heat as this will seriously
weaken the joint.  It takes a little practice but makes a first class belt.
Small jigs of the  sliding vee block type are available.  Ask to see one and
go make it!!

I once designed, manufactured and marketed a spring loaded, tong type tool,
and an electrically heated, teflon coated blade for the job.  It is still on
the market 'cause I get a royalty check every month...what I call "Mail Box
Money"   8^)   This is not a I'm not going to tell you the brand
name or the supplier.  There are several equally good copies available...but
mine was the FIRST!!

Robert Bastow

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