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From: Robert Bastow <"teenut"@>
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 02:37:33 GMT

Forget the vibrating ain't gonna work.

What you need are a set of ROLLER Feeders.  Two long straight hardened steeel
rollers with belt or friction drive arranged to couter-rotate them up and away
from each other..if you catch my drift.  In other words, vieved from the end,
the LH roller should rotate CCWa nd the RH roller should rotate CW.   The feed
will be along the trough or vee formed between the rollers and direction of feed
and spped will be determined by the decline of the roller axes from horizontal.
These can be made from Thompson hardened shafting, driven by a FHP motor and
will feed at phenomenal enough to shoot the wires full length of the
stack at the end.

Vibratory trough feeders tend to jam and balk, especially with less than
perfectly straight or smooth ended parts.  They also loos the feeding "Oomph" as
soon as the part starts to leave the trough.  Noisy buggers too!


Parts feeding guru!!

Tom Gardner wrote:
> I have just finished a machine that cuts tempered steel .013" dia. wire, 3"
> long.  The machine cuts 6 wires at a time, guillotine fashion, at 600 cuts
> per minute.
> The end product needs to be a bundle of wire about 2 to 3" in diameter so
> the operator can put rubber bands on it.  I need about 160 to 200 bundles
> per shift.
> The guillotine imparts a lot of kinetic energy to the wire when it is cut.
> I have a "V" shaped trough with a vibrator attached that then walks the cut
> wire, now without kinetic energy, down a 20 deg. incline and dumps it into a
> vibrated container.
> The biggest problem is the wire doesn't orient in the container fast enough
> and the incoming wire has a tendency to "nose-dive" into the fluidized
> surface of the wire in the container.
> I know too little about vibrators and would gladly hire or buy ideas that
> work.
> Tom Gardner

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