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Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
Subject: Re: Silver solder removing
From: (Clark Towle Gunsmith)
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1992 13:36:47 GMT

In article <>, (Michael A. Shaffer) writes...

>[Tip on removing silver solder deleted]
>Great tip. Since I have a SS expert on the line, is it possible to
>SS a new sight mount onto a shotgun barrel without ruining the finish
>(and thus requiring a rebluing job)?
Mike, Its a piece of cake.
Square the barreled action so its plumb and level, locate the ramp, scribe
around it then buff the barrel inside the scribe mark to remove the blueing.
 Buff the underside of the ramp down to bright metal also.
 Heat flux and tin the ramp with the silver solder.
 Flux the ramp again as well as the barrel and clamp the ramp to the barrel,
heat it up and wick the solder under the ramp.
 To keep the solder and flux from removing blueing on the barrel, coat the
barrel and ramp liberally with soapstone, (welders marking stick) around the
perimeter. Basically you coat everyplace you don't want the solder or flux to
go. It will also act as a dam and will keep the flux from flowing where you
don't need it.
 Installing ramps is easier when using the foil type rather than the wire
type silver solder as all you need to do is cut the foil piece slightly
smaller than the ramp then flux, clamp and heat.
 You'll need a hot torch to do it properly. Preferably oxy/acetylene.
 Good luck

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