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From: (Ed Rasimus)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.military
Subject: Re: Knickers
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 14:17:04 GMT

Bob Keeter <> wrote:

> (chris stoner) wrote:
>> Air International article about low-level
>>Jaguar training in the UK and the pilots mentioned a defensive technique
>>they called "knickers".  The method involved dissuading pursuit at low
>>level by dropping bombs in hopes of FODding out or otherwise disturbing
>>a trailer.  Is there a case of this actually happening?
>In a Jaguar, loaded down with bombs, and with someone "in my knickers" 
>in a tail chase, one of MY first priorities would be to get rid of the
>stores just to level up the playing field a bit.  IF that happened to 
>give my pursuer a whole face full of frags, dirt, sticks, and stones, 
>with a little smoke and flame for special effects, all the better!  

Been there. Done that.

In 1966 flying #4 in a flight of 105s headed West down Phantom Ridge
from the coast toward Bac Giang bridge on the Northeast RR just out of
Hanoi. As we hit the end of the ridge we sighted two MiG-17s ahead and
high. Unfortunately another MiG had been vectored parallel to our
course and as we pulled up off the deck to engage, the third MiG wound
up  a part of our flight--four 105s and a MiG-17 line abreast. 

Lead called to jettison our centerline bombs and "in-place left" (We
were carrying five 1000 pound Mk-83s--3 on C/L and one on each
outboard). All four aircraft selected AB, but I didn't get a light, so
during the turn I was left on the inside with the MiG closing on my

When I got the burner light, the MiG was camped at about five hundred
feet astern and his 37MM was flashing. I got the AB lit and headed for
the deck accelerating. A small village ahead of me lit up with 37/57
flak which I dragged the MiG through while at the same time dropping
the remaining two 1000 pounders. MiG was not seen again.

Not the best air-air tactic, but it worked for me.

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