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From: (Ed Rasimus)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.military
Subject: Re: Su-37 technical specs
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 19:46:16 GMT

vf84@interlog.comREMOVE (Corsair) wrote:

>Well this isn't much different than the F-15E. You can't jetison the CFTs.
>However, they are there for tactical-strike applications and provide a
>reduced-drag option for carrying fuel. You wouldn't expect to dogfight with

Actually, that is the engineering marvel of the CFTs. They don't
increase drag (hence the title "conformal") and they are fully
stressed to the airframe limits. The only manuevering G limit is, like
in all tactical aircraft, related to the gross weight.

>I imagine that filling the voids would only be done during deep-strike
>missions where it would be expected that other aircraft would come to your aid
>if there is trouble. It may not be that rediculous idea when looked at this

Any aircraft that is in an air superiority role, whether as an
interceptor or fighter, whether in sweep, CAP, point defense or
escort, must be able to fight any time he is airborne. The luxury of
being able to selectively engage, only when your fuel load and
configuration allow is something I have never experienced. It must be
nice to be Russian.

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