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From: Paul F Austin <>
Newsgroups: sci.military.naval
Subject: Re: Cruisers
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 18:07:08 -0500

MING C. LI wrote:

> On Fri, 31 Oct 1997 wrote:
> > What was the role of the cruiser in the battleship era?
> Those cruisers were escort to the battleships on the high sea/ocean and
> protect battleships from enemies's battleships.

Not even close. Cruisers were the doctrinal descendents of sail-era
frigates, responsible for patroling distant stations and responsible for
scouting duties for the battle fleet.

Cruisers had little role in fleet battles, being neither armed or
armored to take a place in the battle line. Cruisers weren't fast enough
to make torpedo attacks viable, that was the role of torpedo boats. If
the Battle-Cruisers had a rough time at Jutland, imagine what would have
happened to cruisers caught in the middle.

Cruisers were characterized by very long cruise range, enough gun power
and armor to fight other cruisers and enough speed to carry out scouting
missions. In terms of fighting power, cruisers competed with other
cruisers. All battleship actions were way out of their class.

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